Proceso de fabricación de cuero looktodopiel

leather manufacturing process

  • The leather making process goes through several processes, and these processes differ depending on the type of leather, and before undergoing the processes, the leather must be carefully preserved and protected before reaching the tannery, and because the skin of the animal it starts to break down in hours. After the sacrifice of the animal, the skin must be prevented from decomposing the leather, so the skins are subjected to a drying process, either by air or by salt; The hides are dry or wet salted, or pickled with acids and salts before being transferred to the tannery.
  • The leather industry is a manufacturing activity, in charge of treating animal skins, through a process called tanning, which consists of using tannin, which is a chemical compound to prevent their putrefaction.
  • The purpose of this activity is to market the finished material to large companies around the world. Which, later are in charge of using the skins as raw material, for the manufacture of shoes, bags, clothing, accessories, upholstery, etc.
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