¿Qué es una lámpara de sal del Himalaya y cómo funciona? looktodopiel

What is a Himalayan salt lamp and how does it work?

True Himalayan lamps are actually solid blocks of hand-carved Himalayan salt. The deep underground mines of Khawraa, Pakistan, located on the western edge of the Himalayas, are the only source of pink salt that is indigenous to the Himalayas. The color of Himalayan salt lamps varies from light pink to pinkish orange due to the concentration of minerals. Inside the center of the cavity of this block is an electric lamp that emits light and heat. And a lamp is not a lamp at all if you don't have a source of light or heat inside it. Beneath is just a block of salt.


Salt attracts water molecules. Since the Himalayan salt lamp works by attracting water molecules, it also attracts water vapor that carries air pollutants like mold, bacteria, and allergens. Once the water vapor comes into contact with the salt lamp, it is believed that the contaminants become trapped within the salt. Since the lamp is hot, the salt dries quickly and can therefore continue the cycle of attracting water vapor and pollutants, then releasing water vapor into the air and trapping unhealthy pollutants.

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