¿Cómo puede asegurarse de que el cuero sea genuino? looktodopiel

How can you make sure the leather is genuine?

It is known that there are many products made of leather, and it is difficult for the buyer to distinguish whether the product is made of genuine leather or fake leather because it is made very close to genuine leather, there are some characteristics of genuine leather that cannot be imitated, and there are tricks that can be used to find out if the leather is genuine or not, and from them:

Water drop test:

Genuine leather absorbs water, so if the buyer puts a drop of water on it, it will absorb it, but if the water drop is placed on fake leather, the water drop will remain on the surface of the leather, because despite from the passage of a long time since the manufacturing process of fake leather, it could not be done. Leather is capable of absorbing water because it is a natural characteristic of leather.

the surface:

The surface shape of original leather is different from the surface of fake leather, because genuine leather is made of animal skin; It will have cracks and spots on its surface, while faux fur, despite attempts to achieve this pattern, can come up with a suitable pattern from these cracks, but it will become clear that it is not real, but synthetic, and this is a method in which the original skin is difficult to distinguish from the fake.

Smell :

The difference between the smell of original leather and the smell of fake leather is that original leather has a distinctive smell, it originally smells musty and is enhanced to reduce this smell, while fake leather smells like plastic.


It also has the folding properties of genuine leather; Genuine leather can be folded and by folding its color will change slightly, as for fake leather, despite the attempt in the process of making fake leather, they couldn't get this property. Artificial leather is difficult to bend and therefore does not change color.

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